We’re Still Here…Barely

Greetings from Oklahoma!  The wind really does come sweeping down the plains, let me tell you what.  We were discussing recently that Oklahoma is really a crossroads in America: on one side it’s bordered by Colorado and New Mexico, and there is a definite Western feel, to the north you’ve got Kansas, and it’s definitely has a midwestern feel, and midwestern soil, but then there’s also Texas and Arkansas, and just a touch of Southern-ness as well.  Very interesting and different from other places we’ve lived, yet also more familiar.  So far, we’ve mostly seen the inside of our house and our yard, but what we have seen outside that, we like.  We have really awesome friendly neighbors, the town is maybe smaller than I’d prefer but also has lots of “stuff” and is nice.

We’ve been going FULL THROTTLE for over two weeks–cleaning, repairing, unpacking, organizing, more cleaning, installing, setting up, and, you know, the things that exhaust us under normal conditions: cooking, errands, Cody, laundry, work, etc.   The number of obstacles we’ve already overcome is so extensive and almost humorous in a ridiculous way that I cannot provide a comprehensive list, and we’re still working to get everything the way we want it.  A few highlights: ( I don’t have many visual aids…sorry)

1. Caleb sawing away cabinet trim to get our fridge to fit in the designated space

2. Retaining our hotel room on base so we could bathe and running our space heater all the time while it took FIVE DAYS for someone to come set up our gas for hot water and furnace

3. Actually, the fact that nearly every service provider we’ve contacted( plumber, electrician, gas, window guy, carpet, painter, etc. etc.) cannot come sooner than five days from when you first call…apparently our fellow citizens also “never stop improving” (I’m surrounded by Lowe’s receipts…)

4. Playing Little House on the Prairie, hanging clothes, diapers, and bedding out on a clothesline because our dryer is incompatible with the designated outlet and we’re having trouble securing the help to install the new, compatible hookups in the future laundry room.  Basically we’re turning the laundry area, currently in the kitchen, into a pantry and making this random utility room off the old garage/future playroom into a laundry room.

That being said, things are coming together and shaping up.  Cody is getting more comfortable in his new home, crawling all around from room to room and pulling up to standing on EVERYTHING, ha ha!

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6 thoughts on “We’re Still Here…Barely

  1. CO Mom

    Amazing to see the changes in Cody just between your cover photo and now! Little House always was your favorite make-believe. Thanks for taking the time to post. xxoo

    • Clotheslines are great for linens and diapers, but kind of a pain for pants and socks and underwear! Also, I’d like to know what the Ingalls did when laundry day collided with inclement weather!

  2. Hehe I like the cape idea – Cody ;).

    Tara, would you be able to give me some photography lessons sometime?! I do need to get a camera, but I don’t think I should invest in a nice one without having any knowledge in the area. However, I do think I would enjoy it!

    Cody is growing up so fast! Miss you all so much!

    • I have had a lot of fun with the photography stuff I’ve learned and I would love to share what I know with you! I still have the handouts from the classes I took, which are a great guide to covering all the basic elements in a quick and simple way. We would probably want to set aside a decent chunk of time to go over it, though. 🙂 I can advise about camera stuff, too. When you’re just starting out, the techniques I’ve learned will be applicable with any basic DSLR. I think as you get more advanced, you can start looking at better lenses and bodies and accessories if you really want to take your pictures to the next level 🙂

  3. Cody doesn’t seem to mind all the upheaval! Oh, to not have all the responsibilities…

    • I think he has loved exploring all the stuff that he doesn’t remember seeing before, but I also think his little sleeping and eating system was thrown by the upheaval for a couple weeks! Thankfully he seems to be doing better now.

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