8 Months!

Whew, I have got a whole bunch of pictures of the house and a visitor and a visit to go through and post, so I think I’ll take it in installments!

Part 1: 8 months!

8 months

Cody is now about 21 pounds and 29 inches(length is tricky to measure accurately).  Everyone always remarks what a happy baby he is, which is generally true with the exceptions of when he wakes up still tired or we try to coax him to eat when he is not hungry.  If you’re reading this then you probably have seen him crawling and standing–which he now does with totally flat vertical surfaces, such as sliding glass doors.  Cody loves the thrill and challenge of feeding himself and we’ve been increasing the varieties of self-feeding foods.  Cody takes this to mean that anything we are eating, he should eat too, and has been known to pitch quite a fit, particularly over celery stalks or apple slices, until we let him have some.  He seems to be slowly increasing his appetite again, much to our relief, and as a direct result, I suppose, naps and nighttime sleep are slowly improving as well.  Cody gives lots of smiles and giggles to just about anyone, and goes easily to others.  We’ve had a lot of fun watching him explore the different sounds he can make with his lips and tongue, especially “baba” and “amama”.  My little joke is that Cody refers to Caleb in Farsi (Baba) and me in Korean (uh-ma).  😉 He has also started clapping his hands a little, though, not surprisingly, only when he feels like it and not necessarily when we prompt him.

Cody likes looking at the wash in the washer:


And finally, a rare photo of Cody sleeping on one day where we actually had to go wake him up to protect bedtime(this does not often happen):


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3 thoughts on “8 Months!

  1. I can’t believe how BIG he’s getting! LOVE all the pictures 🙂 – I’m almost done with sophomore year… finished my first final today, then we leave for nationals tomorrow (In Indiana – probably getting back Friday evening), then I’ll take 2 more finals on Saturday, and the last 2 on Monday! Soon I’ll get to visit and babysit for y’all! Miss you all of you!

  2. Good luck at Nationals and with Finals!

  3. love pictures of sleeping babies!

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