3rd Annual 4th of July Party

A few pictures from last Saturday!

We are SO CLOSE to the “after” pictures with our porch and laundry/pantry projects that I figure at this point I’ll just wait until we’re done for the comparison shots.  Although, knowing us, we’ll probably concoct a number of new projects and the “afters” will be outdated in another year…we still haven’t really done anything cute for Cody’s room…I know he doesn’t care but decorating is one way I show my love so I feel bad that his room is covered in beige paint instead of love.  We’ll get there.

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2 thoughts on “3rd Annual 4th of July Party

  1. I think your cake still turned out pretty well, Tara!!!! I love how adventurous you are in the kitchen, and I wish I had time to do more of the same. 🙂 Also, the glow stick looks really fun! Miss you all lots!

  2. Grandma Dee

    There was a lot of work involved getting that dinner all together. It looks SO delicious and the cake so yummy and beautifully done. You are a gourmet cook! Cody seems to be enjoying it all.

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