Film Fest

Here are a few videos that have been lurking in our phones for a while:

Cody had been doing some funny spinning around on his bottom, but of course almost entirely stopped when I got out the camera.  Anyway, a little glimpse of the everyday:

Here’s a recent favorite activity:

Pretty nice way for everyone to enjoy the baby pool:

And these two are actually from yesterday.  Cody and I defying boredom on an afternoon to hot to play outside.  The trick was to get him to stay in the crawling position! The cardboard tray is from the box our utility sink came in.  Still waiting to be installed, sigh.  Next week…next week.


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5 thoughts on “Film Fest

  1. Anonymous

    those are so cute! I love the pool one and the cardboard sled. thanks for posting! CO mom

  2. Great-Grandma Dee

    Cody really entertains himself spinning around and I was really impressed the way he was pushing the stroller all around. He must be pretty strong to do that. I’m not sure if I could push it like that. lol. Thanks for sharing the pics. Oh yes, Caleb, you had better watch you don’t become a “hit and run” victim! It looked like Cody was pretty close to you but he carefully avoided running over you.

  3. Paul Becker

    Fantastic! You will NEVER be bored with inventions like the cardboard sled. I’ve seen it used in the winter on snowy hills, but never like this:) Dad/Paul

  4. Love the sled! How clever. We used to put the girls on a blanket and pull them around like that.

  5. I have never seen such a nifty “water car” as Cody’s in the baby pool! 🙂

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