11 Months + Gratuitous Cody Pics

Wanted to take care of the 11 month photo before we fill up our camera with family pictures!  Only one more photo to go in the series, folks!

11monthsAside from the tantrums and the teething, Caleb and I agree Cody is in a fun phase right now: still taking two naps a day, thank goodness, but ever so interactive, increasingly dexterous and studious in his play, and getting closer to taking first steps.  🙂 Cody will now stand unassisted for up to 8 seconds or so, likes taking objects in and out of containers(today Cody entertained himself taking pew pencils in and out of their holes in church), gives “vampire kisses”, giggles a lot, and occasionally, but not on command, claps, plays “How Big is Cody?”, and imitates coughing or groaning.

And here are some other recent pictures:


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4 thoughts on “11 Months + Gratuitous Cody Pics

  1. What a guy! I’m counting down the hours til you’re all here, and we get to MEET HIM and hear his giggles in person!

  2. Mom/Mary

    Smart, fun, and handsome!!!

  3. Mom/Mary

    Tomorrow’s the big day!!!

  4. Wonderful photos. Thanks for posting!

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