Party Like a 1-Year-Old

Which is to say, act totally oblivious to the party going on around you.

This year, we purposefully decided to shoot for a low-key birthday celebration for Cody, because kids don’t care, right?  Well…I decided I still needed some sort of basic motif or color scheme to inspire treats, decorations, and favors…then I spent a ridiculous amount of time putting a gold star theme together and yep, kids don’t care, and most adults don’t really take notice either.  Oh well, just one of the silly ways I show my love, right?

Poor little Cody had a crummy couple of days, we assume related to his approaching top lateral incisors.  He was pretty grouchy and clingy Thursday and Friday, not interested in opening gifts, not eating or sleeping super well, then Saturday, he woke up with a very runny nose and watery eyes.  His eyes are better but he still seems a little congested, so we’re waiting to see if it’s related to those teeth, allergies, general illness, or diet changes.  He was so miserable and snot-faced and watery-eyed Saturday morning I momentarily considered calling off the party, but he did perk up a little bit.  As you’ll see in the video below, Cody seemed bewildered by this whole giant cake in front of him thing, and was not really interested.  He had a similar level of interest in his gifts, so we called in the one other child party guest to help him open them, much to her delight, ha ha!

I waited till the last minute to put out the drinks and ice, and as a result forgot to take pictures of the “food table”.  Let the record show: we had the pictured cupcakes, lemonade, star-shaped ice, carrots, celery, and dip, and chips, salsa, and queso blanco, all on these really cute little white plates, cups, and napkins with little gold foil stars.

(Thanks to our friend Laura Lee for videoing).  Seems silly now that I thought things would get so messy that we should give the cake outside.

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6 thoughts on “Party Like a 1-Year-Old

  1. I think your decorations and food were great. The star theme fits – the “star” of the day is the birthday boy. 🙂 And yes, that would make a good Christmas garland.

  2. Lol he was unbelievably uninterested in that cake – which I’m SURE was delicious!!! I think the star theme is adorable – and I cannot believe that he is already 1 years old! Are there any walking videos soon to come? 😀

    Aunt Julie

  3. Even star-shaped ice — awesome! Everything looks lovely!

  4. Mary Becker

    Love your party theme and those dimply legs!!!

  5. Thanks, guys! I confess I did say to myself, well, at least the blog readers will appreciate the details… Aunt Julie, the walking is still pretty sporadic and short-lived so we haven’t gotten any videos! We’ll keep you posted…with a post…

  6. Tara, you’re INCREDIBLE: creative and energetic! Enjoyed the theme! 😉

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