Home-brew How-to (According to Tara)

You may or may not have heard, Caleb has recently joined the “home-brew” community!  I used to think of home-brewed beer as a little suspect, and apparently the state of Oklahoma did too, because they legalized it just five years ago, with only Mississippi and Alabama behind them.  And you really don’t want to be just ahead of Mississippi and Alabama in anything, except football.   But I digress…home brewed beer is good!  Caleb’s nearly completed his third batch now, and I took some photographs of the making of the second batch so you can learn absolutely everything you need to know the basics* about this fun, delicious, and economic hobby.

* This little post really barely even scratches the surface of the basics.  Caleb does a lot more measuring and temperature monitoring, and there are slightly different processes depending on the type of beer.  Right now Caleb is starting out with “kit beers” where they send you a supposedly tried and true blend of grain, hops, and yeast extracts, but eventually you can pick your own ingredients and then there’s something about a mash tun…I obviously know very little about brewing, or science in general, and Caleb knows a lot more, but after only three batches, there’s so much more that he doesn’t know.  But the beer is still good!  You’ll probably be given some to taste test if you come see us or we come see you.  🙂

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5 thoughts on “Home-brew How-to (According to Tara)

  1. I’d like to visit! I’d also like to play with the bottle cap attacher.

    And, wow, that is not a hobby for lazy people.

    • We’d love for you to visit! I’ve never played with the bottle cap attacher, but the thing that fills the bottles is pretty neat, and we would let you play with the attacher. 🙂 No, not for lazy people! You get long breaks in between some of the steps, though.

  2. I have read this post and I approve of this hobby. TR ;-{>8

  3. Paul Becker

    Excellent work:) I attest to the quality of the first batch served at the Heckmann family reunion. Can’t wait to try some more! PFB

  4. This is so awesome! I literally have the coolest older siblings in the world. 🙂 Miss you both, and am looking forward to October 17th so much!!!

    Aunt Julie

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