Another CO Trip!


Today we are all back at the grindstone of daily life after a fantastic trip to Colorado!  I failed miserably at taking pictures so we will have to rely on my words.  I do, however, have many random pictures of our best boy to share.

The Trip:

One of our AF friends and one of Caleb’s cousins happened to plan their weddings one week apart, in Colorado Springs, where we have a free place to stay, free childcare, and lots of fun things to do, so we were able to knock out two weddings and lots of fun in one trip!  Of course we also would’ve been happy to celebrate their marriages, even if it hadn’t been in the most convenient manner possible.  🙂

We’ve been in a bit of a fitness rut lately, and for the past five years have been bemoaning our departure from the giant outdoor recreational playground that is C. Springs, so we decided to make it a fitness vacation, in addition to a wedding trip!  We arrived Friday night(Cody was an amazing trooper on the way there!!), I guess rested, hung out, went to wedding #1 and church Saturday and Sunday.  Monday, we played tennis, Tuesday, we rock-climbed in Garden of the Gods, Wednesday, we attempted Eagles’ Peak with Cody and my parents, but ultimately turned around early after being held up by some rain and due to time constraints (also it was more challenging than we remembered!).  Thursday Caleb and I hiked “Seven Bridges”–first time for both of us.  Seven Bridges was one of the great trails that is just hard enough to make you feel like you’re hiking, but you’re not gasping for air, grasping for branches, or scratching your hands.  Plus you get to criss cross a lovely creek seven times.  Even we, mature adults, had fun counting up to seven on the way up and counting down on the way back, ha ha.  Friday was our capstone/keystone (we couldn’t agree on which term was more correct) adventure:  The Manitou Incline, and jogging down Barr Trail.  I’m still a little sore in the quads from that, but we were both pleasantly surprised that we were able to push ourselves and complete it in about the same amount of time as we did the last time we did it, five years ago.  If you’re not familiar, the Incline is an old railroad track that is a mile long with a 2000 ft vertical gain.  You can read more about it here.  Saturday we played mini golf with my mom and Cody, and attended wedding #2, then drove home Sunday.

We were a little worried that ten days away from home might be tough, but it went by so quickly!  We loved catching up with our friends and family, loved getting re-acquainted with outdoor fitness, and loved how my parents watched Cody so much it felt like a week-long date!  (Almost).  Extra thanks to my dad for hosting “Grandpa’s Breakfast Club” for the two early risers in the house, while we got to sleep in.  😀

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One thought on “Another CO Trip!

  1. Mom/Mary

    Loved every chance we got to see you three! Looking forward to seeing you in E TN in under 3 weeks for the next wedding!!!

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