Video Catch-up and Throwback, plus a Couple Photos

Currently I’m maybe halfway through making a cloth “activity book” (buttons, snaps, zipper, etc.) to entertain Cody on an upcoming trip, and it is rivaling or possibly surpassing the baptismal suit as “biggest pain-in-the-neck project ever”, so I’m stalling by uploading and posting videos that have been collecting on our collective phones.

Here is a now sorely outdated video, taken over a month ago, of some primitive walking and ring-stacking.

A few weeks ago, Cody was going through a phase where he just wanted to play the keyboard all the time! And he figured out how to press the button to play different instruments and demo songs, but of course did not care to clearly demonstrate this skill for the camera. Here’s my best shot:

Next, I tried to discreetly film the saber arch that Caleb was in for one of the recent weddings we attended.  See if you can spot him!  Brings back memories, doesn’t it?

A slightly more current video of Cody walking and hearing a T6 overhead.  Even since this video was taken a couple weeks ago, his strides have gotten smoother, and, when he chooses, faster! (Must remember to take horizontal videos!)

We got a big fancy new toy here last week.  Start ’em young, we say.

And, the aforementioned throwback: this was about one year ago!

I’ve been having fun diving into some more photography education lately, and had to practice a little with my two ever-cooperative subjects.

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One thought on “Video Catch-up and Throwback, plus a Couple Photos

  1. Great post. I love how Cody likes the demos on the keyboard! I was using a Swiffer at Milochs – even on the ceiling and walls to get off any construction dust. The boys really wanted to use it too, but we had to limit them to the floor. 🙂
    Great photography skills!

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