Rocky Top Trip!

We recently returned from another trip; this time to Tennessee to attend the wedding of one of Caleb’s cousins.  I was very nervous about this one because it was to be Cody’s first time on an airplane and I wasn’t sure how he would do.  Our departure options were 6 am or 6 pm, so we opted to get in late.  Cody did really well on the first leg, but was pretty much unable to fall asleep during our layover, 1 hr delay, and 2nd flight.  He didn’t actually scream and cry too much, so that was good, and the pressure change never seemed to bother him, so that was good, but of course it was stressful for us to look into the face of our tired baby, knowing he normally goes to sleep around 7, and he didn’t make it into his bed away from home until 12:30 am(central time), probably sleeping about an hour total in those important pre-midnight hours.

Despite that stressor, we had a great time visiting family and celebrating the marriage and were very glad to be there!  I didn’t manage to get many pictures on the wedding day, as you’ll see, but I got a few on the days with downtime.  🙂 Thanks to Paul and Mary for hosting us and making Cody comfortable away from home!

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3 thoughts on “Rocky Top Trip!

  1. Mom/Mary

    Great job at covering our tracks while together in Kingsport; I especially appreciated the 4 generation pictures!!!

  2. love the 4 hands picture!

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