Fun Fall Festivities

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!  We’ve squeezed in a few fun fall activities in the past couple weeks!

Recently our squadron had its “spouse taxi day”, so I got to go in and learn how to operate the buckles and hoses to get properly into the T6 seat, which is a bit more complicated than you might think!  In the morning we had a “briefing” and time to practice the buckles and hoses, then I ran Cody home for his nap, then brought him back to the squadron childcare area, then got fitted with a helmet(my head is big enough that to get a properly fitting helmet, my mask was too big, but for spouse taxi, they were not going to switch them out), mask, gloves, and earplugs, and we went out to the jet, got in, I got to make the radio calls to let ground control know we were moving around and down the runway, we went down the runway, accelerated to about 60 mph, then stopped and taxied back.  So that was fun!

Last weekend, we went out to a local corn maze/”petting zoo”–which was really more of a “feeding zoo”, but Cody still LOVED seeing the animals and did a little petting.  This place also had a couple little hay mazes–one is pictured–and a couple corn mazes.  Apparently with all the rain earlier this year, the corn was not planted until later than usual, so it was not very grown up in many places, so we took a tractor-pulled hay ride out to “the big one” to get the full experience.  I’d never done a corn maze before and it was a fun new experience!  They also had a giant sandbox they called a dinosaur dig, and some big hay bales to climb on.

For pumpkin decorating this year, we went the super lazy route and just painted one pumpkin instead of carving two.  Caleb watched and gave input while I painted, so it still counts towards our tradition of decorating pumpkins together every year.  We decided several weeks ago to dress up Cody as a dog for Halloween, since he likes them so much.  Originally I was just going to make him look like his stuffed dog, Macy, but then we got invited to a squadron Halloween party and felt we needed a “group costume”, so I took Cody’s costume in the dalmatian direction, and Caleb and I were Roger and Anita. This was not terribly obvious, but it was cheap(free) and quick and easy.

Last but not least, I’m including a fun little video of a weekend evening at our house.

After this video was taken, Cody got the hang of actually reloading the Nerf darts into the chamber!

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6 thoughts on “Fun Fall Festivities

  1. Mom/Mary

    How uncanny…the doctors, nurses, and techs who worked at Urgent Care on Friday dressed up as dalmations (we also had Cruella Deville and the dog catcher), and I brought pumpkins made with Cuties and celery for our all day party:) You guys were cute!!!

  2. Cody makes a really cute dalmatian. And Roger and Anita are into the spirit of things too! I love your healthy snacks. Great video. 🙂 Interesting to read about spouse taxi day too. Something not very many people can say they’ve done!

  3. Oh, and glad Cody is learning to shoot guns!

  4. Anonymous

    As usual I am really enjoying your blog and the pictures. Love the costumes!

  5. Emily Pickens

    Opps, that anonymous comment was from me!

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