A Full Week in a Full Life!

We had a lot of fun stuff going on the past week and half or so, and Cody has learned some fun new stuff, so I decided time for an update!

First: for Veterans Day, we got to go to the Oklahoma City Zoo for free!  This was Cody’s first time at the zoo, and I do think he enjoyed seeing the animals, although he also enjoyed just pushing the stroller around and playing in some grass.  Easily entertained.  He referred to nearly every animal as “doggie!”




That same day, after Cody went to sleep, an actual “doggie!” and a Grandma and Grandpa arrived at our house! My mom and dad came to stay with Cody so Caleb and I could attend a wedding in Texas, and Caleb did another saber arch.  This was my first time being away from Cody overnight, but I think it went well.  Thanks again for coming and staying with Cody, Mom and Dad!




Before we left for the wedding, we decided to take pictures for Christmas Card use.  Sigh.  The session lasted about thirty minutes, with about 25 of those minutes being this:


Despite all the generous breaks we gave between shots!


And we did get a couple card-worthy shots, too.

And now for the Cody portion of the post:

Cody is taking major strides toward self-expression and self-sufficiency! I’d say in the past month or so, he’s started saying: no, uh oh, oh no, oh wow, doggie, yellow, daddy, and ohhh.  He’ll regularly sign “more” and “all done”.  He’s been walking around nearly singing “la la la” and nearly humming a lot lately.

He drinks his milk from a sippy cup and water from a lid-less cup, and can use a fork.  He also tries to use a spoon as a fork, so that doesn’t quite work.

If you’re sitting down, Cody loves to bring you books and turn through the pages, and he likes it when you identify the objects he points to, unless the objects are yellow or a doggie, or objects he thinks are yellow or doggie, in which case he will say it himself.  He also makes this sort of indeterminate “what’s this?” sound, sort of a “whas ees?” during this activity.

It’s been amazing to see how much he can understand now, even if he doesn’t say it.  Depending on how compliant Cody’s feeling, he might go get socks and shoes, throw something away, put something in the hamper, or look for his cup when you ask.  We had an exciting moment earlier in the week.  After months and months of retrieving makeup brushes, shoes, deodorant, etc. from our laundry basket, Cody actually picked up a pair of dirty sweats I’d recently deposited on the bathroom floor and put them in the basket!  Yes!

After months of trying, Cody actually got his foot all the way in a tennis shoe all by himself yesterday.  It was the wrong foot, and he had to stand up and walk around the get his heel in, but still!

Cody has also demonstrated intense interest in the loading and unloading of the dishwasher.  If the dishes are clean, he will take the flatware and serving/cooking utensils out of the basket and put them in the appropriate drawers.  The problem is, if you leave him unattended with the dishwasher, he will take dirty flatware out of the dishwasher and put them away, or take clean flatware out of the drawer and put them in the dishwasher.  Clean vs. dirty: a subtle but important distinction.  He opens and closes the dishwasher by himself, so it’s pretty hard to keep him out of there.  Yesterday I kept thinking, I can’t wait till he’s a teenager and I’ll tell him how I couldn’t make him stop playing with the dishwasher when he was fourteen months old.

It’s so adorable to see Cody at work in his field of “parentology”–studying what we do and trying to imitate. Apparently we spend a lot of time taking things in and out of cabinets and drawers, because that is what Cody does all day with much seriousness and contemplation.  Sometimes he even puts things back where they go.  Sometimes.  Cody gets greatly distressed when we do not allow him to type on computer keyboards like we do.  Our only ongoing issue, other than the teeth that have been ruthlessly pushing through at a steady pace since about JULY, is that Cody is so excited to get to his parentology every day that he refuses to sleep past 5:30 am.  Perhaps once a week or so he’ll sleep till 6.

Ok, those are about all the new Cody things I can remember!

Oh yeah, and yesterday was our 5th anniversary*!  Thanks for all the messages.  We had a nice dinner and saw the final installment in the Hunger Games movies, and reflected on all the changes we’ve been through and what a blessing our marriage has been to us.


*does it bother anyone else when you hear people say “5 year anniversary”?  “year” is implied in “anniversary”,  people!

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10 thoughts on “A Full Week in a Full Life!

  1. Besides belated wishes for a happy anniversary — congratulations on five years!!! — I would like to say that I’m so proud of Cody for all his accomplishments. I was once au pair to a four year old who was apparently incapable of putting on his shoes by himself. Hmm. Yay, Cody!

    Beautiful family, and super-cute nephew. 🙂

  2. Robert and Marie Heckmann

    Congratulations and God’s richest blessings for many more healthy and happy years to a great couple, our grandson and his wonderful bride who are doing a great job of lovingly parenting our dear great grandson, Prince Cody, as Great Grandpa likes to call him. Thanks so very much, Tara, for your enjoyable and informative updates. What a gift! Happy Thanksgiving!

    We just returned from Sacramento where Grandpa did a smashing job of his sermon for the 100th anniversary of my childhood church where he vicared for my dad sixty-five years ago. Saw so many old friends AND students of mine from our Lutheran school ’48 – ’49 and ’49 – ’50.

    Lots of love, Grandma and Grandpa Heckmann

  3. Dad/Paul

    Thought of you often on your fifth wedding anniversary, with fond memories of that special day in Georgia, especially the “ring dropping ceremony”! And all the amazing times we’ve had together since then. Seems as if God has a way of multiplying our joys and blessings in ways that continue to delight and amaze. Congratulations, and Happy Thanksgiving week:) love, Dad/Paul;/G’pa

  4. lowindes

    Great update!! I can’t believe it has been 5 years since you were married! …and go, Cody!

  5. Anonymous

    Congratulations on your five happy years of marriage! Be blessed with many more!!

    Jody and Mark really enjoyed their time with you two and Cody, and we were happy that they were able to visit us on their way back to CO. Hoping for more visits, too!!

    I really enjoy seeing all the pictures and love following Cody’s accomplishments. What a cute little great grandson I have! Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Love, Grandma Dee

  6. Mom/Mary

    Super cute picts of Cody at the zoo, and super handsome/beautiful picts of you two!!! My, how 5 years flies by:)
    Your attempts of catching a good Christmas picture remind me of mine trying (all by myself) to capture a cute picture of Katie and Caleb all dressed up. If it weren’t so frustrating, I would have been laughing. Now I can laugh! (you may remember the pictures in our picture album)

    • I think I vaguely remember those pictures! We work much harder to get nice pictures with little people!

  7. Wonderful photos. So nice that Grandpa and Grandma could be there! Happy Anniversary!

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