Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Last week we had freezing rain for a couple days, resulting in tree branches freezing over and eventually the losing power from Saturday morning to Sunday night.  We lost many limbs, tree limbs, that is, but thankfully none fell on the house or damaged the property in any way.  Also the ground never froze so we were able to safely run to the store for food.  We also went to the mall for a change of scenery.  Caleb was able to keep our fireplaces roaring, and we closed off our family room/kitchen area and built this barricade in the hallway so the bedrooms would be heated, and closed off the rest of the house.


Cody knew how to beat the cold!  (I promise it was not so cold that anyone needed earmuffs: he just thought they were fun and funny, so much so that I couldn’t get him to stand still for a photo, hence the “soft focus”)


For electricity-free entertainment, we hauled out our flute, saxophone, and guitar for a little music, then built a fort, which Cody absolutely loved.  After these photos were taken, we added on to the base structure, creating a courtyard from a flat sheet and counter stools.



In the days prior to the outage, Caleb took a little extra time off work and we got a couple projects done, yay! Not pictured: I was quite sure our dishwasher was making more noise than it used to, but an overpriced service call revealed that’s just the way it sounds, but the repairman did make some helpful suggestions.  We pulled it out–that was more involved than I anticipated; a common theme in my life–wrapped it in additional insulation and took off the door, stuffed additional insulation in there.  Then we cut a thick piece of particle board and affixed it underneath the sink next the dishwasher, which had previously been left open, creating what the repairman called a “bass drum effect”.  Unfortunately, getting that big board in there meant Caleb had to entirely disassemble the plumbing under the sink.  We also have these wire mesh vents in the cabinetry directly beneath the sink, you know, where those “fake drawers” or small tilt-out drawers usually are.  So we glued some leftover planks behind those.  Also, it would seem the counter installers did not quite finish the job and left some gaping space between the counters and lower cabinets, so Caleb cut and we glued trim under there, and above the dishwasher.  Long story short, the dishwasher is much quieter now.  Hooray!

Also, we built a very simple plank headboard for the guest room.  I’ve been meaning to do this project since we first moved a bed into a guest room nearly five years ago, but have never gotten around to it.  Turns it is incredibly simple.  Using our headboard as a guide, I measured how tall and wide I wanted the headboard, sent Caleb to get and cut planks and 1x2s to fit my dimensions, sanded, stained, and then Caleb screwed the planks to the supports and bolted the supports to the bed frame.  Voila.


NIK_2333Besides all that, we did eat some turkey and mashed potatoes, etc., on one of those days, and gave thanks for our many blessings.  Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!

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5 thoughts on “Making the Best of a Bad Situation

  1. Mom/Mary

    Cody looks quite enthused by all the excitement brought on by the power outage:)

    • He loved the flashlight and the fort! He also got to eat these pureed fruit/veggie pouches and he liked those.

  2. Love your homemade barrier – quite creative! Glad to hear music was made. 😀 Great fort too. All kids seem to like forts and tents. You guys seem to accomplish so much – repairs and new creations.

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