I took so few pictures in the past month that I can fit it all into one post! Here is a glimpse into our December.

We now live in one of those neighborhoods where everyone gives everyone Christmas cards and goodies, so here was our contribution: brownies with white chocolate and crushed peppermint topping.  I also made some homemade dog treats and even packaged them in a kind of cute way, in brown paper sacks with printed labels, but did not take a picture.


I got to indulge in a special treat a couple weeks ago: a trip all by myself to Florida for a family wedding!

Here are a few pictures of cousins having fun taking pictures and playing at the beach!  We went around sunset and it was so beautiful!  Much to my surprise, the water was warmer than the sand!

IMG_0969 IMG_0966 IMG_0965 IMG_0962

Not pictured: I went with a big group of cousins to see the new Star Wars movie the day it came out! Also not pictured is the wedding, which was a beautiful and blessed event.  🙂

And a super fun cherry on top of a great trip: the rental car I’d asked for was unavailable, so I got a free upgrade to a 2015 Chevy Camaro convertible!  It was so much fun driving around, especially to the beach with the top down (and the heat blasting)!  I felt like a combination between a Barbie and James Bond, so I guess a Bond girl.  I told Caleb it was a good thing I had to return it after a couple days, because I think it was starting to go to my head. 😉

IMG_0957 IMG_0964

Got home a few days before Christmas!  After all our travels this year, we opted for a nice quiet Christmas at home. Here we are after church on Christmas Eve:


We actually had a respectable build up of snow and ice this last weekend, and we’d just gotten some cold weather gear for Cody, except he is borrowing a hat from Caleb because we didn’t have Cody’s yet.

NIK_2504NIK_2509Cody seemed to think the snow and ice was interesting for a little while, but he was ready to go inside.  Just yesterday we finished this little playhouse for Cody, made from old bedding and some 1x2s:


We mainly referenced this tutorial because it seemed the largest of the online DIY teepee tutorials, but we had to make a number of our own adjustments to make it work.  In other words, if you want to make a teepee, talk to me before you go blindly following the aforelinked tutorial.

I think that about covers December! (Watch, I’m probably forgetting five major happenings and someone will say, “but what about ____?” ) Hope you are all enjoying some nice fun relaxing time during this season.

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2 thoughts on “December

  1. Did Caleb have some time off while you were in Florida? Pretty great to get to go to a wedding of his family by yourself. 🙂 So cute of Cody in the snow. And, great teepee!

    • He just took off Friday and then I came back Sunday. It was great; so much fun! Great to see you guys recently, too!

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