Lingo Quiz

I’ve had this idea for a while to have a fun little audience participation quiz.  Every now and then, Caleb will use some phrase, every day words and phrases that refer to something else in the pilot or pilot training world.  I’m familiar with them by this time, but if I step back, it amuses me how odd they are.  Let’s see if you can guess what they mean! (No fair if your husband is an AF pilot 😉  Put your guesses for the meanings of the following words and phrases in the comments(or in an email if you prefer), and I may send a small prize to the person who does the best.  I’ll even use each in a sentence, and will post the correct answers next week.  Good luck! 😀

  1.  Triple turn.  “I’m exhausted; I ended up having to triple turn today.”
  2. Hook a ride.  “We can’t have any more students hook or we’ll be behind the timeline.”
  3. Roll Call.  “We’re having roll call this Friday.”
  4. Arts and crafts. “Arts and crafts time.”
  5. Taco. “John Student got a taco today.”
  6. Show time.  “I can’t wait for next week’s show times.”
  7. Bold face. “John Student still doesn’t know his boldface.”
  8. Helmet fire. “The students got some helmet fire today.”
  9. Step.  “We’re stepping at 1:30.”
  10. Out and back. “I don’t need lunch today because of an out and back.”


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5 thoughts on “Lingo Quiz

  1. I had *no idea* on some of these. I don’t know if my guesses will be more amusing to you or to Caleb…hahaha (I actually made myself laugh with some of these).

    1. Going out with students three times.
    2. Fail the flight.
    3. Inspecting the planes.
    4. Plane maintenance.
    5. Everything perfectly completed on a flight.
    6. Weekly schedule.
    7. Basic flight pattern.
    8. Turbulance that makes you bump your head.
    9. Making any flight.
    10. Semi-long distance flight to another base (and back).

    Can’t wait to see the answers… 😀

  2. 1. Triple turn. – Fly with 3 students in one day?
    2. Hook a ride. – Majorly flubbing up on a test flight.
    3. Roll Call. – Announcing students’ scores/grades.
    4. Arts and crafts. – Learning the basics.
    5. Taco. – Dinner time!
    6. Show time. First solo flight.
    7. Bold face. – Acting serious when being yelled at.
    8. Helmet fire. – Heckling the student. 😉
    9. Step. – Another skill gained in pilot training.
    10. Out and back. – A flight to another base and back.

    Hehe, those are probably SOOOO wrong, but I am excited to hear the answers! :p

  3. OK, here’s our best effort! 🙂

    1. A very demanding barrel roll
    2. Isn’t that more of an air craft carrier thing?
    3. Someone goes for donuts
    4. Making a model airplane out of balsa wood
    5. Parachuting into a Mexican restaurant
    6. Watching the Disney movie “PLANES”
    7. Putting larger print on a student’s airplane so he can find it
    8. When a superior officer turns a blowtorch on his mic
    9. Marching to imitate the Army
    10. This is a trick question – the Air Force never skips lunch

    We’ll be looking forward to the correct answers! 🙂

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