Mini Remod +Cody Anecdotes

Our house had a lot of work done before we moved in–a lot of work!  But, much of this work was unfinished or done poorly, and there were other things we wanted to do.  Since we know our time here is limited, and we’re not wanting to spend the entire month before the house goes on the market trying to tackle everything, we’ve committed to doing one small project each month.  Last month we painted and installed new bi-fold doors for the pantry, replacing the stained, chipped, falling-out-of-the-tracks doors that were there.

This month: a mini makeover for our bathroom!  We’re repairing the shower faucet with the ineffective diverter(I’m pretty sure that’s what you call the thingy that controls if the water is going out the spout or showerhead–ours can’t fully commit to one or the other and it’s been driving me a little batty), repairing the mysterious giant hole in the drywall under the sink, and, most visually impressive: tiling the gap between the shower tile and drywall.  Here’s the before:

Shower beforeWho in their right minds would call this “finished”?

And after:

Shower After

Yay!  This was my kind of project.  Although the process of selecting the material was overwhelming, lengthy, and generally difficult(the fact we went to the tile store right before lunch may have added to my discomfort), once we had it picked out, we slapped some adhesive on those babies and stuck ’em up there.  Bam.  Sooo much better.

And some Cody tidbits:

Cody has been rapidly developing in imitation and self-sufficiency lately.  His attempts to help around the house warm my heart and sometimes make me chuckle.  Examples:

Cody will put dishes or silverware in the dishwasher, and help put the clean ones away.  However, if you empty the dishwasher, then put in a few new dirty things, he’ll try to put those away too.

If Cody is hungry and you’re busy, he’ll just open up the pantry, get down the bread bag and help himself to a slice.  Or one bite out of four slices.

If you leave clothes on the floor in the bathroom/closet area,  Cody will put them in the hamper for you while you’re not looking, which is great until you’re trying to find a jacket  and you spend 20 minutes looking all over the house before remembering it was on the bathroom floor a few days ago and now it’s under two days of dirty laundry.

Cody likes to help make dinner by removing all the pots, pans, and bowls from the lower cabinets and stirring the imaginary gravy or something while I cook for real and try not to trip on him.

If you’re getting dressed and it looks like you’ll be going outdoors, Cody will bring you a selection of shoes from your closet, which may or may not include a pair belonging to you.

Update 2-17: Yesterday I remembered I wanted to share that Cody also likes to help put away the groceries.  I put the bags on the floor, and he’ll pull out items and put them on the shelves in the pantry!  And occasionally in the trash.  And once I found some cilantro in the pantry two or so days after grocery day.  Whoops.

Also, sometimes Cody will help put away laundry.  I think I may have shared this already in another post, but he knows which drawers hold each of our socks, and if the mood strikes him right I can get him to put away the socks, or sometimes he just wants to pull everything out of our nightstand drawers instead.

Those are all the examples I can think of for now!

Oh, and before I forget, again: I’ve been meaning to share this neat site we found with y’all.  It’s called, and it’s basically a supercharged, incredibly detailed Consumer Reports-type site.  It’s totally free, and they’ve mostly tested and reviewed small appliances and textiles, but also all sorts of products for the home.  Each article gives their recommendation for the best product, and there’s usually a runner up, and/or a low budget choice.  Even if you don’t decide to buy what they think is the best, we’ve learned a lot about what to look for and maintenance for all sorts of home items, as well as products that performed poorly on their tests.  Each article goes through how they selected products to test, and how they test them, in addition to recommendations and general information and maintenance tips.  Sometimes I like to think of myself as a “domestic scientist” where my job is to do the best I can to manage the household, and this site has been really informative! (I’m not being paid to promote them so enthusiastically, fyi.) I highly recommend seeing if they’ve done an article about the next item you’re thinking of purchasing for your home.



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7 thoughts on “Mini Remod +Cody Anecdotes

  1. Mom/Mary

    You’re great at encouraging Cody to be an independent starter, and he’ll continue to be that because you don’t point out why his efforts may not be exactly right!!! Love all the descriptions:) Makes me chuckle too!
    Beautiful tiles and application.
    I’ve also heard moms described as “domestic engineers”; that and “domestic scientists” are apt descriptors of why we successfully handle the broad spectrum of our everyday demands at home!
    Keep those posts coming:)))

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the sweet home tip!

  3. Haha, love the Cody tidbits! Children are funny people. I know from babysitting experience, and I’m glad Cody is able to bring so much joy and laughter into your everyday life. 😉

  4. Robert and Marie Heckmann

    Thank you so much, Tara, for the Cody’s tidbits, the home engineer ideas, AND the previous post where you outlined your schedule for a particular day which brought back memories of when our twins were babies, toddlers, and little tykes. One biggie in my routine often was when they nap I take a nap. — Love all the excellent pictures you share as well. — We welcome all your posts!

    Blessings and love, Grandma Heckmann

  5. Robert and Marie Heckmann

    Grandpa has a question – Did you feel the earthquake reported for your area? If so, to what extent?

    • We’re glad you enjoy the posts! I was also big on napping when Cody napped when he was younger, but had to drop them, I think when he dropped from three to two naps a day. We have felt many earthquakes in the months we’ve been here–sometimes waking us from a dead sleep and hearing glasses rattle in the cabinets! However, we did not feel “the big one” this past Saturday! We thought back and remembered we were at Lowe’s at the time, which always feels like a chaotic natural disaster aftermath area to me, and we didn’t notice anything.

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