The Last Wedding


Recently we returned from a brief sojourn to Colorado, where we attended the wedding of one of Caleb’s good friends from the Academy.  This was the seventh wedding we’ve attended in nine months, which, though always joyful, was a bit tiring.  Now that we’ve gotten through the last wedding…we’re a little sad we have no more weddings on the docket!  I rarely (never, really) take pictures at weddings, because I find it more relaxing and enjoyable to just observe and talk and eat and dance, so the pictures in this post are not at all reflective of the title.  We also kept busy running around taking care of this and that so that I neglected to take pictures of Cody being loved on by his Colorado grandparents.  Instead, I have for you: 5 photos from a park in Kansas where we rested on the journey, one from my mom’s camera, one from a little outing, and one “we’re dressed up so let’s take a picture” of us.

We really enjoyed being in Colorado–unseasonably warm and sunny if a bit windy, catching up with some old friends, spending time with my parents, and having time together while my parents babysat Cody.  🙂

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5 thoughts on “The Last Wedding

  1. I love that side-by-side picnic shot! And the fact that the babiators still fit (and aren’t broken or lost…truly amazing to me, a girl who’s on her fourth pair of sunglasses in two years!)

  2. ^^^ Collegium Portal was me…I forgot to log out of my work account. Hehe.

    • I figured, after a little thought! The picnic shot is my fav, too! I was pretty proud of that set up–symmetry and the “leading lines”–the railing pointing to the subject. We get twice as many comments on the Babiators than all other clothes and outfits combined! He has definitely gone through phases where he’d take them off and drop them and we’d turn the stroller around and hunt for them. They are scratched but not abandoned, chewed but not destroyed. Maybe we’ll get you some of those sunglasses straps that go around your neck for your birthday. 🙂

  3. Mom/Mary

    Handsome/beautiful couple!!! Love all the Cody pictures-to keep up on all his growth and development:)

    • I’m glad you like them! I have a hard time keeping up with the growth and development myself! Some things are tough to capture.

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