Caleb’s Busy Day

As per reader request, we bring you: a day in the life from Caleb’s perspective.  This should appeal to people who don’t like reading long posts.  Parenthetical comments are from Tara, and, in case you missed it, this post explains some of the terminology below.

0530: Wake up, do a quick workout of pull-ups and push ups, clean up, prepare oatmeal for breakfast and eat it on the way to work.

0620: Show time. Talk with fellow instructor pilots about the day’s schedule.

0630: Formal brief: Students give information about weather and other factors affecting today’s aviation (see NOTAMS for more info).

0651: Brief a formation sortie(flight) with a solo student on the wing (flying formation with no IP in the other plane!).

0721: Step.

0804: Take off, late due to student’s slow preflight check.

0930: Land. The student did not hit me and we both landed safely, so flight went well overall.

1000: Debrief: discuss flight and EP (emergency procedures).

1045: Talk with flight scheduler about next day’s setup.

1100: Fellow IP deliberates hooking or passing his student with me.  We decide to send the student to checkride.

1130: Send in paperwork for tuition assistance (TA) for next master’s class.

1145: Get paperwork for new helmet bag as the zipper broke on existing helmet bag.

1200: Pick up new helmet bag from Equipment Issue.

1215: Stop by auto shop to make appointment for oil change and tire rotation tomorrow.

1230: Eat lunch (leftover sage-roasted pork tenderloin and sweet potatoes), talk with other IPs about student issues.

1315: Brief second formation flight (student and IP in each plane this time).

1545: Land and debrief formation flight.  Flight went pretty well.

1645: Finish gradesheet, check tomorrow’s schedule, check email.

1715: Leave for the day.

1730: Enjoy the outdoors, play with Cody for a while before dinner.

1800: Dinner. Monday night is leftovers/Tara’s night off(from cooking).

1830: Play with Cody while Tara tests our new vacuum cleaner.

1845: Tara leaves for her Monday night Piyo(exercise) class, I get Cody ready for bed.

1900: Cody is in bed. I fill out my bracket for the NCAA tournament and watch TV. (This is the week between master’s classes so Caleb has had some much-deserved down time!)

2030: Tara is back and we catch up and watch a little TV.

2100: Prepare for bed with a little time for reading and devotion before I crash for the night.  Repeat.

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4 thoughts on “Caleb’s Busy Day

  1. Nice! Sounds like an interesting, if long (!) day. Thanks for sharing, Caleb!

  2. Wow, such full days!!! Thanks for sharing. 😀 Miss y’all!

  3. Dad/Paul/G'pa

    Paul B. Keep up the good work:)

  4. Mom/Mary

    You get an A+ for being highly productive! The Air Force definitely gets their money’s worth out of you!!! And you even have something left to give your family at night:))) Wow.

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