Easter + Extras

Hope everyone had a great Easter celebration! Last year we got into our house on Maundy Thursday and our stuff arrived on Good Friday, so we were still up to our necks in packing paper on Easter Sunday.  We went to church and went back to unpacking.  The next day was Caleb’s birthday which received even less observation than Easter.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays, so I was extra excited to celebrate properly this year!

There are also a few random pictures from the past couple weeks.

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9 thoughts on “Easter + Extras

  1. Hehe, I LOVE the mini egg hunt specially designed for Cody 😉 I can’t believe how big he’s gotten, I love all the talking 😀

  2. Anonymous

    So precious! I think there should have been a video of *you* hunting for eggs! —Co mom

  3. …with truck in tow. Precious! Also, kudos for using *real* eggs! I was explaining the Easter egg hunt concept to Alessandro and lamenting that most people now use plastic eggs filled with candy.

    • Well…actually the cooked eggs were just for the bread, we used plastic eggs with yogurt-coated raisins for Cody, candy for the grown ups. I bet it’s weird to learn of the concept of egg hunts if you’re not familiar!

    • Oh, and if you really want to work yourself into a lament: Laura told me their church puts out empty plastic eggs, and no many how many eggs each kid returns, they all get the same amount of candy! Bogus!!

      • Trying to make everyone equal again. I think it does kids a disservice to never have to come to grips with the fact that life isn’t fair.

  4. Emily

    Love the pictures and this Easter post!

  5. Fun to watch the egg hunt. So cute the way he says “oh” when he sees one.
    And now he’s climbing on ladders and can soon open the fridg! Your Easter bread is lovely.

  6. Mom/Mary

    Your Easter eggs and Easter bread came out great this year! Cody is really catching on to things; he caught right on to the hunting with some good coaching;-)

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