A Bahama Birthday

After last year’s complete failure to observe Caleb’s birthday, we outdid ourselves this year by dashing off to the Bahamas, whoo!  Well, ok, the idea for the trip  was formulated before Cody was born, or possibly agreed upon in premarital counseling, and it just happened to work out that we departed on Caleb’s birthday.  We were so grateful to have Caleb’s parents come stay with Cody while we were away, and they got to celebrate Caleb’s birthday with him, probably the first time since high school! We spent three full days doing a lot of lying around on the beach or poolside, although we did play tennis every day and also ate a lot, then burned it off energetically singing at the piano bar each night, ha ha! Here are a few pics from last week, and a couple randoms of Cody:

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4 thoughts on “A Bahama Birthday

  1. How fun! I like the dual purpose of the peg pounding bench/stool. Happy Birthday Caleb!

  2. Mom/Mary

    Stunning Sandals picture! Love the birthday pictures-they came out well. We were SOOOO HAPPY to be able to go there and stay with Cody-had a lot of fun :)))

  3. Looks SO nice!!! Lol, can I celebrate my next birthday there? 😉

  4. That’s one good-looking cake! (And family…!)

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