Petit Update.

Mostly because we haven’t had much going on lately, or at least not much that’s as photogenic.  Caleb spent a week doing the training and test for ATP (Air Transport Pilot), which was basically a super expensive way for him to be sort of “pre-qualified” to fly any commercial aircraft.  Apparently the FAA is changing the program to where it’ll be even more lengthy and costly to get this certification in the future, so we decided to bite the bullet and have him do it now so if he wanted to fly for the airlines, Fedex, a corporation, etc. in the future, he’ll have that option open.  Other than that, we’ve been pulling a lot of weeds in our yard, planted some plants, flowers, herbs, and veggies…that’s about it!

So on to the cuteness:

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4 thoughts on “Petit Update.

  1. Oh the cuteness overflows…I don’t know which picture I like best. Also, the laundry basket and the Tonka truck remind me of Caleb’s childhood.

  2. SO cute!!! I think we had one of those dump trucks as kids – I think my favorite is of him chilling in the laundry basket. 😉

  3. Mom/Mary

    Cody by the loaded dump truck is MEGA CUUUUUUUTE!!! So did Caleb pass?????????

  4. So cute. Love the dump truck full of books.

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