Long Weekend

We had a really fantastic and memorable Memorial Day weekend this year!  The Air Force usually graciously turns three day weekends into four day weekends, which is SO NICE!

My Memorial Day weekend checklist:

  1. Complete a project that’s been on the books for over a month–CHECK
  2. Spend time remembering all those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our country–CHECK
  3. Have people from Caleb’s flight(unit) over for a BBQ–CHECK
  4. Host Caleb’s sister Julie and cousin Laura for a super fun weekend–CHECK
  5. Take pictures of aforementioned guests–CHECK
  6. Make Mojitos with the fresh mint from our yard–CHECK
  7. Get more mosquito bites than I can count–CHECK

The project was a fire pit.  When we moved in, there was this big pile of cinderblocks in the back yard, and for a while I was using them to mark off where we wanted to create a border back there, but once that was done, there they sat.  I do not like to throw away useful materials, and I do not like to have useful materials sitting around not being used.  We also have an abundance of firewood from all the trees and branches we were cutting down around here over the past year.  Like, more than we could probably use in our remaining winters here.  So I thought, how great would it be to build a cool square fire pit with these cinder blocks and burn firewood and roast marshmallows? So I slapped down those cinderblocks in a square pattern and said “BAM! Fire pit!”  But then Caleb thought the cinder blocks didn’t look very nice, so we ended up buying cinderblocks that look like stone, and using the original cinder blocks as the foundation.  He also used a shovel, gravel, a level, measuring tape, a wedge and sledgehammer, mortar, and drywall tape; all things I didn’t know were necessary but I agree created a nice finished product.  We had fires and roasted marshmallows three evenings last weekend (forgot to take pictures of that!! I was relaxing) and enjoyed ourselves immensely.  I said, “Hey, now there’s no need to go camping anymore; we can have a fire in our yard and then go sleep inside.”

I’ll be sharing the more structured pictures I took of the girls over on my Facebook page in the coming days if you want to see those 🙂

Cody had so much fun running to Aunt Julie (and eventually Laura and Daddy) before and after this video, but you can see in his eyes the moment he realizes the camera is on him and he doesn’t want to cooperate.  Ach!


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5 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. What a checklist! You guys are get-it-done people. 🙂 Sounds like a fun week-end.

    • I’ve found the secret is to invite people over, and have projects you want to show to or use with guests. 🙂

  2. Mom/Mary

    Three beautiful gals; jealous I didn’t get to be with you all!!! 🙂 Great job on that fire-pit; very professional looking! Thanks for all the pictures; I’m always checking your blog to see the next update.

    • Thank you! We’ll be seeing you soon! Thanks for being a faithful reader, I’m glad you enjoy it. 🙂

  3. It’s so hard to believe this was already 2 weeks ago! I’m so glad I got to visit y’all – and I am so very much looking forward to the reunion! ❤

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