2 Years

Well Cody had his second birthday over the weekend!  For the most part he will answer “Two!” if you ask how old he is.  I made some ice cream on Wednesday, I believe, and  this icebox cake on Thursday, so he spent several days saying “cake! want some!” so we had a lot of opportunities to say he’d be getting some for his birthday on Saturday.  Then when the big moment came, he didn’t seem to care for the bite we coaxed him to take (mom guilt for not making a cake he’d like) but then he’s been having a couple bites of the same piece in the days since.  You could say he takes after his father in this demonstration of self-moderation with dessert.  I also made a no-churn cookies and cream ice cream from Martha Stewart which I liked about ten times better than the cake.  It is incredibly simple, quick, delicious, and my new obsession.

Anyway, we let Cody open his presents at his own pace throughout the day: one with breakfast, one before we left for the Children’s Museum, a couple with lunch, one after nap, one with dinner.  After some initial coaching he got the hang of it and really dove in to the gift opening and said “Another present! Another present!” for a while even after the last one was opened.  As a lifelong gleeful gift-opener and giver, this was fun for me to see.  And a far cry from last birthday and Christmas, ha ha.

We took this day to finally go check out our local children’s museum, which underwent a major renovation last winter.  It did not fail to impress!  Cody loved the big train tables, this big peg board where you’d plug in these plastic colored pegs and they’d light up, and the animal room with turtles, lizards, snakes, a tarantula, fish, guinea pigs, a small hedgehog, a ferret, and several chinchillas.  I was really intrigued by this little play hospital, play kitchen and grocery store, dress-up area, Lego table, and art area.  They also had a little kind of tool shop where the kids can build little things.  It was really neat and I think something we’ll be doing more in the future, as Cody grows into some of the exhibits.

We had a little birthday dinner with some friends.  We did smoked and crock pot ribs, with roasted broccoli, watermelon, and the cake and ice cream.

That’s about it!  A few pictures from the day are below.  Thanks to everyone who sent gifts, cards, and well-wishes for our little guy on his big day!

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6 thoughts on “2 Years

  1. Hehe, I love his method for opening his present – head first 😉 Looks like a fun day!!!

  2. Anonymous

    He is so cute opening and stacking the garages and cars and does it so well (Caleb too-lol). I hope he will enjoy playing with them. It is amazing how fast he caught on to it; a smart little guy. It sounds like you had a fun birthday for him!

    GG Dee

  3. Mom/Mary

    Love the update! He seemed quite accepting of the panda bear shoot:) How wonderful to have such a nice children’s museum closeby:) Can’t wait to see you all and Cody in a few days!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Cody! Such a cutie! I think the cake looks delicious, but then I love coffee flavored sweets. Now we need a link to your ice cream. 🙂 You are lucky to have a great children’s museum.

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