Halloween 2016

Hi!  I know I’m very behind with sharing pictures and anecdotes from our little lives, and I promise I have some things in store for upcoming posts, but real quick, wanted to talk about Halloween!

First: here is why we dressed our child as a UPS driver this year:

In case you can’t decipher from the video: the couch fort is Cody’s UPS truck, and the entry way rug is both the pick up and drop off spot for the UPS man to bring chocolate, an airplane, and pizza.  He also prompts us to say “thank you, UPS man.”  I’ll add that before I turned on the recording device, Cody just kept saying he was bringing boxes or other things that have come to our house in the past, so my surprised tone when he announced the pizza and chocolate is quite sincere!  Especially since we pretty much never have chocolate or pizza here! (Not trying to be nutritionally self-righteous: we definitely have other treats around, but never chocolate nor pizza!) I thought it was pretty cute, and I thought it would be easy to get brown clothes and make some little UPS logos to put on there.



We took Cody around while it was still light, as you can see, then sat on our porch–swatting mosquitoes, no less!  A far cry from my childhood Halloweens of sub freezing temps and snow blowing in the face–for about an hour handing out candy.  I think there were fewer trick or treaters this year than last, probably because it was a Monday, but still managed to clean us out of the candy we bought, and selections we didn’t really want from Cody’s collection.

More to come soon from September and October!  I think most of you follow me on FB or IG or both anyway, which have the highlights, but I’ll share a few more here.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!

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5 thoughts on “Halloween 2016

  1. Paul Becker

    How I wish I could share Halloween with you guys 🙂

  2. Susan Nealy

    I love this little UPS man! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for sharing! 😊❣️

  3. Aunt Katie

    The sweetest!

  4. Susan Nealy

    Keep the photos coming!

  5. You should send the photos to the UPS main office and maybe they’d use them in some promo materials or magazine! So cute. It’s been warm here too (unseasonable I guess) – not like our MT and ND Halloweens! Although there were the occasional warm ones, certainly there were no mosquitoes!

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