Lots of fun pictures to share from April!

First we had Caleb’s birthday, for which we had a little dinner with friends and I made this Butterfingers Ice Cream Cake.  That was my first time making an ice cream cake, and I’ll admit I was kind of thinking, “this seems like a lot of work when we could just eat ice cream” but I must say it was very good.  It’s a graham cracker crust, vanilla ice cream with crushed Butterfingers, more crushed Butterfingers, and whipped cream frosting.  The recipe called for one layer of plain vanilla ice cream, but the quantities given in the recipe did not match up at all with the 9″ Springform pan I used (in case you want to give it a try yourself).

Then we have a few pictures and a video from Easter, always one of my favorite holidays, and a couple other random pictures.

Enjoy! Hope you all are enjoying your April, and maybe some warmer weather?

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6 thoughts on “April

  1. Aunt Julie

    So cute!!!! I especially love the bunny ears and how Cody said “uh-oh” everytime he dropped an egg! 😂 Also your Easter egg bread was as picturesque as ever!

  2. Aunt Katie

    Yes, very cute! I’m impressed how willing he was to wear those bunny ears. SO cute 🙂

  3. Marc


  4. Emily

    Really enjoying all these pictures, and hope you all get to go camping in May! Cody looks so cute and content sleeping in the tent!

  5. Mom/Mary

    VERY impressive IC cake!!! Cody’s looking so grown up the way he handled the Easter egg dying and sleeping for the first time in a tent:)

  6. That cake looks delicious! The lawn mowing and tent pictures are great. 🙂

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