A Day in the Life 2.0

Well, since I went and publicly declared that I’ve been wanting to do another day in the life post, I decided I would just go ahead and do it.  Since I think all of our readers have been a stay at home mom, are/have been married to a stay at home mom,  or grew up with a stay at home mom, I don’t pretend any of this is that fascinating to y’all, but hopefully it’s kind of interesting and I kind of like to have it for a record for our family.  (here was a day in our life 1.5 yrs ago, I think) This was Wednesday, but for simplicity’s sake I’ll use the present tense.

6:50 am: Everybody wakes up about the same time, and a bit later than usual today!  I feed Grace and change her diaper while Caleb gets breakfast going for him and Cody; oats, I think.  A little blanket play time with Cody and Grace, while I get dressed for my walk/run.

7:15: I have recently decided to stop whining about weather and embrace the saying, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.”  Cold weather, rain, even hot humid weather would derail the old Tara’s plans for outdoor exercise, but I’ve realized I just really prefer exercising outdoors, and since we no longer live in temperate northern California, it’s time to dress accordingly.  It’s 39 degrees out this morning, and it’s even a bit of a later start then I normally get, but I bundle up and it’s really not that bad.  I have lately been rewarded with lots of fiery orange sunrises, but since I am a little later this morning, I get these views instead: mist rising off the local drainage ditch, and watercolor-esque layers of pink, blue, and gray in the sky. It’s an amazingly powerful way to kind of clear my mind and have some peace and quiet and get ready for the day.

7:45: The hustle and bustle of getting Caleb out the door for work and Cody for preschool: getting Cody dressed, packing Caleb’s lunch, and kicking off the day’s chores with a load of laundry.  Grace has already gone back down for her first nap.  I make my to-do list for the day; something I’ve been doing lately that’s really helping me stay focused and be productive, and it helps me remember when Caleb asks me what I’ve done at the end of the day, ha ha. Caleb drops Cody off at preschool then heads into work.

(This photo is mostly about kind of playing with a lens I recently acquired and the wide aperture it has :-D)

8:15 I sit down to spend a few minutes doing the reading and questions for my weekly Bible Study.  We’re going through the book of Isaiah, which has always been an enigma to me, and I think for many people, so I’m really enjoying making some sense of it and learning a lot of history and about God’s character.

8:30: I spend some time “working” on the computer: update the budget, address emails, purchase and download some photography educational materials I’ve been pondering for some time.

9:00: I clean the bathrooms.  I’ve always preferred to do all the cleaning on one day, so that the whole house is clean at once, but I recently realized I no longer have large chunks of time or energy to do it all in a day, so I’ve divided up the cleaning among the days, and I’m liking the results so far.

9:20: Amazingly, Grace is still sleeping soundly, so I take a few minutes to update my Fantasy Football roster and move laundry from washer to dryer.

9:30: I get the little sweetie up, feed her, change her diaper, and walk her around looking out the windows, in the mirror, and at our impressionistic mediterranean scene paintings–she really likes looking at them, I promise!

10:15: Grace goes down for her second nap, and I finally take the time to shower and get dressed.

11:00: I always feel guilty about this, but there’s not much I can do: I get Grace out of her crib and sleep sack and put her in her car seat so we can go pick up Cody from preschool.  She is a peach and pretty much always falls right back to sleep, but I still can’t stand interrupting her precious nap time.  We get Cody and drop off some donations at a thrift store before heading home.  Cody’s school had a visit from a firefighter and they talked about fire safety, and they made these adorable dalmation ears out of paper, but he refused to put them on for a picture.  Sigh.

11:30 Cody and I have lunch and catch up with Caleb’s cousin, Emily, on the phone (Hi, Emily!) Emily’s baby is very close in age to Grace, and so it’s great to compare notes and strategies!

12 noon: I sort and fold laundry while still talking to Emily.  Cody climbs on the bed, knocking over my piles and dumping the laundry basket out.

12:30: Grace is up again so I feed her and change her diaper and play with her for a bit, and she gets some “floor time” so I can finish putting away the laundry.

1:15: Naptime for Grace, “quiet time” for Cody.  I’d say he falls asleep two days a week on average, but he’s very tired in the late afternoon every other day of the week.  Even though I would really like to take a nap, being extra tired from Cody waking up and crying intermittently from 2-3 am about being cold (WHEN do kids learn to put themselves under covers and stay there when it’s cold??) and having a runny nose,  instead I scroll though Instagram and sort through the mail that arrives, in between listening to Cody singing, playing, and protesting his confinement.  I go into his room more times than I’d like to admit, and pine for the old days where we could both nap easily.

3:00: We call it quits for quiet time and I’m starting to feel cranky.  You may also notice I don’t manage to take many pictures from this point on, ha.  Grace awakes and I feed her and change a blowout diaper, and therefore change and stain treat her outfit.

3:30: I have a neighbor who’s been wanting to get over and hold Grace for a while.  I text her today and let her know we are home and Grace will be awake for a while, and she comes right over and brings us some soup to boot.  We really have the best neighbors, and I enjoy a little visit with her while she fusses over Grace.

4:00: Grace goes down again, and Cody and I make these pumpkin-applesauce “muffins”(they’re really closer to unfrosted cupcakes) for Bible Study brunch tomorrow.  The whisk was actually used as a “microphone”, not a whisk. You may also notice the fire engine and badge stickers from that morning 🙂

4:30: Cody goes and plays at the neighbors’ house across the street for a while, and I decide to get a head start on dinner, as Grace has a tendency to wake up and be fussy as I’m making dinner.

5:00: Grace wakes up and fusses intermittently as I try to get dinner to a good stopping point so I can go get her.  This is the challenge of this time of day: dinner is just not the sort of thing you can drop and leave at a moment’s notice.  Also Cody returns from across the street.  This is also the time of day I often text Caleb to ask when he thinks he’ll be able to come home 😀  Usually he’s able to get home between 5:30 and 6, but today he tells me duties will keep him until about 7 and either he forgot to tell me or I forgot to remember that.  Blast.

5:30 Things are a little hazy around this hectic time of day, but at some point, I get Grace up and feed her and change her diaper, and Cody and I have dinner.  Someone from our squadron brought us this soup after Grace was born and we really liked it so got the recipe.  There’s green stuff in it, so it’s healthy, right? Eh, it’s not really that healthy but it’s tasty and has some redeeming value.

6:00 Grace is very sleepy and still kind of fussy but goes to sleep in her crib.  UPS brings an exciting package: some flannel bedding for Cody.  We spend some time unpacking that and talking about how cozy and warm his bed will be and how he’ll never want to get out of it again.  I can try, right?

6:30: Cody and I clean up, brush teeth, put on jammies, and read a story to prep for bed.  On days he naps, he does quite well with an 8 pm bedtime, but when he doesn’t, it’s really a struggle bus to get to a 7 pm bedtime, and he goes to sleep right away.

7:00: Caleb comes home just in time to bid Cody good night, and Grace is awake again.  I feed her, change her diaper, and Caleb changes out of his flight suit and into athletic clothes and is out the door again for an intramural flag football game on base.  I enjoy some nice quiet cuddling and playing time with Grace, and put her down around 7:45.

8:00: I talk to Caleb’s sister Julie for a little bit on the phone and edit some photos on the computer while I do so.  Our conversation leads me to pull out my journal of lists and notes and thoughts from the college years and I get lost in reminiscing, laughing at myself and being amazed at how things have turned out.

8:30: I finish editing/exporting/uploading some photos, including those from today.  Believe it or not, I am the “webmaster” for a small church’s website (wpcenid.com) and I spend some time updating the site.

9:00: Caleb comes home from his game (they lost, but he caught a pass for a touchdown) and we spend some time catching up and exchanging notes from the day.

9:30: Grace has her last feeding for the day, and we get ready for bed!  Lights out by 10 is always our goal, but of course that doesn’t always happen.

So, that’s a pretty typical Monday, Wednesday, or Friday for us in this season of life!  Normally Caleb is home for dinner and bedtime, and then we can sit and relax together for an hour or an hour and a half after kids are asleep, but other than that, that was pretty typical.  Hope you enjoyed this marathon of a post in some way, and if you read all the way through it, you deserve a medal!

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4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life 2.0

  1. Mom/Mary

    Wow, I’m impressed how much you get done in a day. Love all the pictures, and biggest smile yet I’ve seen from Grace:)

    • That’s high praise coming from someone as busy and productive as you! Yes, Grace gives big smiles now and is trying so hard to laugh but can’t quite get the hang of it. 🙂

  2. Aunt Julie

    Wow, that does sound like a marathon! You’re the one who should get a medal for doing that day in and day out! Also… I love that white fleece vest you had on Grace! So adorable. ❤️

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