Lots of fun pictures to share from April!

First we had Caleb’s birthday, for which we had a little dinner with friends and I made this Butterfingers Ice Cream Cake.  That was my first time making an ice cream cake, and I’ll admit I was kind of thinking, “this seems like a lot of work when we could just eat ice cream” but I must say it was very good.  It’s a graham cracker crust, vanilla ice cream with crushed Butterfingers, more crushed Butterfingers, and whipped cream frosting.  The recipe called for one layer of plain vanilla ice cream, but the quantities given in the recipe did not match up at all with the 9″ Springform pan I used (in case you want to give it a try yourself).

Then we have a few pictures and a video from Easter, always one of my favorite holidays, and a couple other random pictures.

Enjoy! Hope you all are enjoying your April, and maybe some warmer weather?

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KC Visit

A few pictures from our recent quick trip to Kansas City!  We really enjoyed staying with and seeing my Grandma, who is having some trouble with her vision but otherwise is doing quite well.  I think we are all in awe of her. 🙂 My cousin and his family made the trek from Tokyo, which was the main reason for the timing of our trip!  Great to see them, and my Aunt Susie, Uncle Mike, and Aunt Dony.

(We also enjoyed visiting my old friends Crate & Barrel and Target but I did not take any pictures there 😉 )

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Family Visit

Hi Everyone!

Things have been pretty routine around here, with the exception of a recent visit from Caleb’s parents!

I didn’t take very many pictures, but I’ll share a few.  I forgot to take my camera the day we went to our children’s museum, but that is always fun.  We also got to see Caleb flying in formation; practicing for a flyover in San Antonio the following week.  Amazingly, in six years, this is the first time I’ve stood on the ground and watched a plane I knew he was flying.  And it was a first for Caleb’s parents, too, so that was fun.

Here’s what I got from Caleb’s flight. Not my best bit of cinematography.  One of those times where it was tough to see the screen and try to make sure the far-away objects stayed in the picture.  Anyway, hopefully you can get the idea.  Caleb is in the plane second closest to the camera in the first pass, or second from the right once the formation is past us.

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Immediately after yesterday’s post, I realized I completely skipped over the pictures I have from Thanksgiving!  Some of them were used for Christmas cards, so I was holding off until those went out, but no need to wait any more!

Since we were already in the south over Thanksgiving, we were excited to be able to drive up and spend it with Caleb’s family! The whole family was able to make it; the first time we’ve gathered since our niece was born in May.  I can’t believe I didn’t grab my camera when Cody and his young cousin were interacting!  Next time.  In addition to the big feast at a family friend’s house, we enjoyed time hiking, walking, and playing Ultimate in the great outdoors, and just relaxing and chatting and playing games with family!  We also took Cody through the Bristol Speedway in Lights, which is tough to explain if you’ve never done it, but basically you drive through their property and complex and on the speedway while admiring their elaborate light displays!  Fun for all.  And of course, I know at least I had fun with our big family photo shoot, the results of which are shared below.  Belated thanks for a great visit!

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Apologies for our lengthy radio silence!  I’ve had these pictures sitting on my camera for weeks and weeks now.

Once we returned home from our Southern excursion, we were busy trying to cram an entire season of preparation into one week: hanging lights, selecting and decorating a tree and the rest of the house, baking for the office and the neighborhood, assembling Christmas cards, purchasing, wrapping, and shipping gifts, etc.  We had  lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services here and shared a Christmas Day brunch with some neighbors before preparing for a jaunt to Colorado to spend some time with my family.  After the Colorado trip, I did a little math and found in 7 weeks we’d spent about 70 hours and 4300 miles on the highways and interstates of 8 states.  I think I’d nearly recovered from the exhaustion of all that when I became completely paralyzed by the cold weather (it gets or at least feels colder than you might think here!!); unable to tear myself out from under the blankets on the couch.

So that’s why we’re now seeing pictures from December! Also, I think I’ve been procrastinating because now that these photos are done, there’s nothing to prevent me from doing our annual family photo yearbook.  I love having the results, but it takes forever to create!



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Lots of pictures to share real quick today before we head off to Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving with Caleb’s family and, undoubtedly, take more pictures!

The first few are from when we got to stay with Caleb’s brother Josiah and his wife Ashley and Cody’s one and only cousin, Sophia.  Thanks again for hosting us, guys!  Great to get that little extra tim win to catch up and see where you live!

The rest are from our little weekend trip down to Destin.  Caleb’s cousin Adam lives in the area and graciously agreed to watch Cody for us so we could go out to dinner to celebrate our 6th anniversary.  😀 Thanks, Adam! This was Cody’s first trip to the beach, and my first trip to the beach with a DSLR camera and the knowledge I’ve accumulated with it.  The good news is we got some beautiful pictures of this beautiful area.  The bad news is the experience has ruined all other photo locations for me: I just want to take pictures at sunset on the beach forever and ever!

Hope you all enjoy and hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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Nearly caught up now.

And here’s a video I had the urge to make a while ago.  Kind of long, but guaranteed to make you smile! Please ignore the ridiculous things we do and noises we make in order to get this footage and focus on the results 🙂

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Visit from CO Grandparents

Alright, working my way backward in time!

The week before Halloween, we enjoyed a nice visit from my parents.  In addition to the activities pictured, they got to go trick-or-treating through the courthouse with Cody, which was that week’s library story time group activity, attend “Zumbini”, a kids’ music and dance class we go to sometimes, and on the first day, my mom took Cody out on a long walk so I could finish his Halloween costume! 😀 After Cody’s bedtime, the adults had viewings of “Inside Out” (my recommendation), “Bridge of Spies” (everyone else’s pick, though I enjoyed it as well), and the older adults trounced the younger adults in an intense match of Trivial Pursuit.  Thanks for making the trek; we all enjoyed having you here!

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Halloween 2016

Hi!  I know I’m very behind with sharing pictures and anecdotes from our little lives, and I promise I have some things in store for upcoming posts, but real quick, wanted to talk about Halloween!

First: here is why we dressed our child as a UPS driver this year:

In case you can’t decipher from the video: the couch fort is Cody’s UPS truck, and the entry way rug is both the pick up and drop off spot for the UPS man to bring chocolate, an airplane, and pizza.  He also prompts us to say “thank you, UPS man.”  I’ll add that before I turned on the recording device, Cody just kept saying he was bringing boxes or other things that have come to our house in the past, so my surprised tone when he announced the pizza and chocolate is quite sincere!  Especially since we pretty much never have chocolate or pizza here! (Not trying to be nutritionally self-righteous: we definitely have other treats around, but never chocolate nor pizza!) I thought it was pretty cute, and I thought it would be easy to get brown clothes and make some little UPS logos to put on there.



We took Cody around while it was still light, as you can see, then sat on our porch–swatting mosquitoes, no less!  A far cry from my childhood Halloweens of sub freezing temps and snow blowing in the face–for about an hour handing out candy.  I think there were fewer trick or treaters this year than last, probably because it was a Monday, but still managed to clean us out of the candy we bought, and selections we didn’t really want from Cody’s collection.

More to come soon from September and October!  I think most of you follow me on FB or IG or both anyway, which have the highlights, but I’ll share a few more here.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!

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2 Years

Well Cody had his second birthday over the weekend!  For the most part he will answer “Two!” if you ask how old he is.  I made some ice cream on Wednesday, I believe, and  this icebox cake on Thursday, so he spent several days saying “cake! want some!” so we had a lot of opportunities to say he’d be getting some for his birthday on Saturday.  Then when the big moment came, he didn’t seem to care for the bite we coaxed him to take (mom guilt for not making a cake he’d like) but then he’s been having a couple bites of the same piece in the days since.  You could say he takes after his father in this demonstration of self-moderation with dessert.  I also made a no-churn cookies and cream ice cream from Martha Stewart which I liked about ten times better than the cake.  It is incredibly simple, quick, delicious, and my new obsession.

Anyway, we let Cody open his presents at his own pace throughout the day: one with breakfast, one before we left for the Children’s Museum, a couple with lunch, one after nap, one with dinner.  After some initial coaching he got the hang of it and really dove in to the gift opening and said “Another present! Another present!” for a while even after the last one was opened.  As a lifelong gleeful gift-opener and giver, this was fun for me to see.  And a far cry from last birthday and Christmas, ha ha.

We took this day to finally go check out our local children’s museum, which underwent a major renovation last winter.  It did not fail to impress!  Cody loved the big train tables, this big peg board where you’d plug in these plastic colored pegs and they’d light up, and the animal room with turtles, lizards, snakes, a tarantula, fish, guinea pigs, a small hedgehog, a ferret, and several chinchillas.  I was really intrigued by this little play hospital, play kitchen and grocery store, dress-up area, Lego table, and art area.  They also had a little kind of tool shop where the kids can build little things.  It was really neat and I think something we’ll be doing more in the future, as Cody grows into some of the exhibits.

We had a little birthday dinner with some friends.  We did smoked and crock pot ribs, with roasted broccoli, watermelon, and the cake and ice cream.

That’s about it!  A few pictures from the day are below.  Thanks to everyone who sent gifts, cards, and well-wishes for our little guy on his big day!

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